About Jude

  • Certified Sound Bath Practitioner
  • Reiki I and Reiki II Practitioner
  • Register Alcohol and Drug Counselor


“Jude is a beacon of light, her warmth and kindness quickly spread to those around her. She creates safety with her energy, which fosters a space for people to do difficult work and resolve past issues. She has a knack for creating individualized plans for people, taking into account exactly what they are needing in order to find some peace and resolution. I have witnessed many clients establish trust with her instantaneously due to her grounded presence. In my experience working with Jude she has demonstrated a natural ability to tune into the needs of others, which has led to ultimate healing.”

– Anne Johnson, LMFT



“A sound bath is an experience in which instruments are played in a manner that relaxes the body, calms the mind, and ignites the inner experience.”

                                                                     – Jamie Bechtold, The Sound Bath Center


A sound bath is an immersion in sound frequency using analog waves, to which the body responds naturally.  It relaxes the sympathetic nervous system (the body’s “fight or flight” response) thereby stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (the part of the body that regulates rest and digestion). The body is a self-healing mechanism, and sound baths help facilitate its return to this natural state.

Sound healing has been around for centuries, is non-dogmatic, and is received idiosyncratically.

Research has found that sound waves can reduce blood pressure and enhance both sleep and memory. Bin-aural beats, tones played simultaneously that are close in pitch but not identical, are found in sound bath sessions. Research show that such sounds can both reduce anxiety and enhance mood states.

Studies show that there can be tremendous benefits to sound baths:

– Feel more relaxed

– Can help manage stress

– Reduces anxiety

– Helps process grief

– Helps release negative energy

– Unites inner/outer experience

– Helps Regulate Emotions

– Can Facilitate Deep Meditation

– Can Reduce Blood Pressure


Email for more information, or appointments at this address: to.recoveryandhealing@gmail.com

Sound Baths are held every Friday at 7pm in Thousand Oaks